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Class ErrorCategory

Defines standard error categories to application exceptions supported by PipServices toolkit.


  • ErrorCategory



Static BadRequest

BadRequest: string = "BadRequest"

Errors due to incorrectly specified invocation parameters.

For example: missing or incorrect parameters.

Static Conflict

Conflict: string = "Conflict"

Errors raised by conflicts between object versions that were posted by the user and those that are stored on the server.

Static FailedInvocation

FailedInvocation: string = "FailedInvocation"

Errors caused by remote calls failed due to unidenfied reasons.

Static FileError

FileError: string = "FileError"

Errors in read/write local disk operations.

Static Internal

Internal: string = "Internal"

Internal errors caused by programming mistakes.

Static InvalidState

InvalidState: string = "InvalidState"

Errors caused by incorrect object state..

For example: business calls when the component is not ready.

Static Misconfiguration

Misconfiguration: string = "Misconfiguration"

Errors related to mistakes in user-defined configurations.

Static NoResponse

NoResponse: string = "NoResponse"

Errors caused by remote calls timeouted and not returning results. It allows to clearly separate communication related problems from other application errors.

Static NotFound

NotFound: string = "NotFound"

Errors caused by attempts to access missing objects.

Static Unauthorized

Unauthorized: string = "Unauthorized"

Access errors caused by missing user identity (authentication error) or incorrect security permissions (authorization error).

Static Unknown

Unknown: string = "Unknown"

Unknown or unexpected errors.

Static Unsupported

Unsupported: string = "Unsupported"

Errors caused by calls to unsupported or not yet implemented functionality.

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