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External module refer

Provides the inversion of control design pattern but does not contain the fully functional container (we can just only create a class that will set various references).

Once the objects of a container are configured, if they implement the IReferencable interface, they are passed a set of references for recreating links between objects in the container. If objects implement the IOpenable interface, the open() method is called and they start to work. Connections to various services are made, after which the objects start, the container starts running, and the objects carry out their tasks. When the container starts to close, the objects that implement the ICloseable interface are closed via their close() method (which should make them stop working and disconnect from other services), after which objects that implement the IUnreferencable interface delete various links between objects, and, finally, the contains destroys all objects and turns off.

Build, Link, and Run - ReferenceDecorators are used during the corresponding building, linking, and running stages and are united in ManagedReferences, which are extended by ContainerReferences.


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