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Asynchronous Messaging for Node.js

This module is a part of the Pip.Services polyglot microservices toolkit.

The Messaging module contains a set of interfaces and classes for working with message queues, as well as an in-memory message queue implementation.

The module contains the following packages:

  • Build - in-memory message queue factory
  • Queues - contains interfaces for working with message queues, subscriptions for receiving messages from the queue, and an in-memory message queue implementation.

Quick links:


Install the NPM package as

npm install pip-services3-messaging-node --save


For development you shall install the following prerequisites:

  • Node.js 8+
  • Visual Studio Code or another IDE of your choice
  • Docker
  • Typescript

Install dependencies:

npm install

Compile the code:


Run automated tests:

npm test

Generate API documentation:


Before committing changes run dockerized build and test as:



The Node.js version of Pip.Services is created and maintained by:

  • Volodymyr Tkachenko
  • Sergey Seroukhov

The documentation is written by:

  • Mark Makarychev

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